Korean Beauty Secrets and Must-Have Skin Care Products

Korean Beauty Secrets and Must-Have Skin Care ProductsI fell in love with Korean skin care products long ago – beginning with Korean facial masks and the essential BB cream. Korean beauty products have since, invaded my beauty box and there are still plenty of them I wish for. It is not surprising because Korea is now known worldwide for their spectacular technological advances in skin care.

I have a weakness for Korean skin care products. Their first and foremost efforts are to make your skin glow from the inside. They insist on facials rather than cosmetic surgery. Here is a basic breakdown of products you would need to take care of your skin the Korean way:

* A toner

* A lightening  and/or a smoothing serum

* A BB Cream to even out skin tone

* Eye care

* A moisturizer for nourishing

* UV protection (even in winter)

Other than this daily routine, add the application of weekly face masks, regular exfoliating and night creams.

Missha BB cream is my first choice for creating an even base but I have heard great reviews of Skin79 as well.

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Do post your comments and reviews on Korean beauty products. We would love to hear them!

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